OHCo. Spice Blends

Spices & Herbs often evoke an exotic notion of faraway lands and
other food cultures. Their heady aromas and colourful textures alert
the senses and arouse the appetite for those hot days in the sun and the
long enchanting evening with friends eating and relaxing. Memoirs of
holiday, "a gift to bring home". With this in mind, OHCo. Organic Herb
Co. brand was born.

Atlantic Seaweed Salt

Brooklodge Spice Rub

Burren BBQ Spice

Cajun spice

Chinese 5 Spice

Dukkah Spice & Irish Seaweed

Garam Masala

Harissa Spice

Herb Sea Salt

Herbs De Provence

Indian Curry Spice

Irish Garden Herbs

Jamaican Spice Rub

Mixed Peppercorn

Pickling Spice

Recado Spice

Romesco spice

Sahara Spice

Salad Dressing Herbs

Southwestern Spice